Bespoke Executive Search

Our mission is simple. To empower organizations by searching, attracting, selecting and facilitating best-fit talents for the job.

Our clientele organizations are typically Multi-National Corporations, whilst we also assist fast-growing SMEs with their senior management placement. Our recruitment expertise is in the following industries:

  • Electronics & Semiconductors Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas

What We Do

We identify suitable candidates through resume database reviews, networking calls, direct contacts with industry leaders, promotional outreach, referral leads and our proprietary integrated search methodology.

In order to present the relevant candidates who are prepared for a career transition, we assist candidates with the following:

  • Provide candidates with fair and accurate information about the organization, the relevant job requirements, responsibilities and performance expectations
  • Screen candidates through resume reviews and direct interviews
  • Present candidates and prepare interview notes for presentation to the Human Resources / Talent Acquisition team in the organizations.


Headcount Outsourcing

Contract a professional staff for a specific project or period at your organization. We will assist this professional with the administrative matters including applications,timesheet submissions and approvals, payroll and all reporting, so that your contract staff can focus on what matters most--getting the job done. Organizations will have no legal commitment with the employee, offering an excellent opportunity for probation and orientation before hiring the candidate officially.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our executive search team is ready to manage your organization's recruitment process. From strategic consulting for talent acquisition to outsourcing for selected departments or skills, our team of experienced, professional recruiters improves the quality and speed of hire for open positions and reduces the rising expenses of recruitment.

Contingency Search

Our veteran executive search team will understand your hiring needs and available job positions. Based on your organization's unique needs, we will identify and shortlist a few potential relevant candidates within a short span of time. No upfront fee is required until the candidate has been successfully hired by the organization.

Retainer Search

Your Human Resources / Talent Acquisition team will receive a list of qualified candidates in your organization's industry, including competitors. Dedicated resources will be invested in the executive search due to the upfront payment and pre-designated payment phases. You will have access to the candidate's vital information and accelerate the hiring process.

Business Sales Solutions

Our sales consulting arm specializes in the evaluation of existing sales processes and personnel needs in order to align the organization's strategic objectives with sales excellence and peak performance. Our customer-centric solutions include identifying sales personnel sales quiescence, sales forces automation and sales training.